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Union University

About Union

About Union


At Union, we value one another. We show it through our words and actions. We understand that every student's needs are different, and we are committed to each person's success and spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being.

You will experience PERSONALIZED ATTENTION IN A CLOSE-KNIT LEARNING COMMUNITY at Union. Professors and staff know you by name and care about your future. Students are supported by health and counseling services and one-on-one tutoring. They spend meaningful time with each other and with faculty members outside the classroom.

Union Distinctives

Josiah McGee"Both the students and the faculty have demonstrated that they care about the person as much as they do about academic progress. They help you grow as a person and understand how to use the skills that you learn to be an ambassador for Christ. That takes more than skill in academics; it takes a love for people. Union models that well."

Josiah McGee, Political Science major, Kansas City, Missouri