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Union University

College of Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Studies at Union University

Think. Create. Express.

The heart of the liberal arts tradition at Union University is the College of Arts and Sciences. We support the core curriculum and provide specialized study, all integrating Christian faith with excellence in academic endeavor.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers six undergraduate degrees in 32 programs of study. Our 15 academic departments encompass the humanities, the sciences and the visual and performing arts. We thrive on sponsoring lectures, performances, exhibits, fairs, contests, book signings and colloquia.

Bring your creativity and love for learning. Join with leading scholars, authors, artists, musicians and scientists to expand your vision and contribute to shaping the culture in this generation.


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Hunter Baker, Professor of Political Science; Dean;, PAC F-1/PAC J-2,

William G. Nettles, Associate Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences; University Professor of Physics & Department Chair;, PAC B-12,


Katie Yeaglin, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, PAC F-80,

  • Excellence driven: The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to excellence in every aspect of the academy, including teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Christ-centered: The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster spiritual growth and the development of a vital Christian worldview in both its faculty and its students.
  • People-focused: The College of Arts and Sciences consists of faculty and staff committed to modeling the concept of servant leadership.
  • Future-directed: The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to nurture lifelong learning skills, empowering students and faculty to impact their local and global communities.