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Union University

Student Government Association

SGA at Union

Student Government Association

We, the students of Union University, in agreement with the Constitution of the Student Government Association, seek to foster unity between the students and the school, to promote student concerns, and to advance the general welfare of the school.


The Student Government Association is the main point at which student leadership and learning converge at Union University. Maintained by a unicameral legislative Senate and led by Student Body and Class Executives, the SGA serves the university by supporting legislation that improves existing policies and sponsoring initiatives that enhance school identity.

Every student at Union University has a voice and a vote in the Student Government Association. Most will exercise these rights in electing Executive Officers to represent their class and the student body. Students also have the opportunity to participate as a voting member of the Student Senate. The Student Government Association is responsible for appointing students to standing faculty committees on campus each year. Provided a student meets certain criteria, he or she may also campaign for an executive position.

The Student Government Association, its officers and members are governed by the Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws. Questions about these documents can be referred to any of the Executive Officers or Bo Mantooth, SGA Advisor.